New Hope Group Visited BORNSUN for Communication

On 20 August 2023, Mei Quanfu, purchasing director of Overseas Business Department of New Hope Group, visited BORNSUN, and were warmly received by Dr. Lu Kewen, the general manager of company, Young Zuo, the general manager of Overseas Business Department, Gao Chao, the deputy director of R&D Centre, Liu Limao, the technical service manager, and Xu Xiying, the regional service manager.

At present, New Hope Group has factories in 16 countries and regions around the world, with more than 50 factories, annual production and sales of nearly 4.8 million tonnes of feed, and it is the earliest Chinese feed enterprise to "go out". In this meeting, both parties discussed the future cooperation prospect and strategic direction in a friendly atmosphere. Mr. Mei showed great interest in the mould inhibitor and antioxidant products of BORNSUN, and expressed his hope to increase cooperation with BORNSUN.

The meeting has laid a solid foundation for the future in-depth cooperation between the two parties, and will be followed by the signing of a strategic partnership agreement to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation. BORNSUN is looking forward to working hand in hand with New Hope Group to promote the green and antioxidant-free healthy development of the feed industry.

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