No-Ethoxyquin Seires

No-Ethoxyquin Seires

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BORNSUN Bioengineering Co., Ltd. has launched Ethoxyquinline(EQ)-free compound antioxidant through years of research and thousands of antioxidant experiments. The product has fully considered the international laws and regulations and the future development trend of the feed industry, adopts Butylated hydroxytoluene(BHT) and Tert-butylhydroquinone(TBHQ), which have outstanding cost performance, as the main raw materials.

Active Ingredient

A wide range of types to choose from 18% to 36%.

Functional Features

1. Reasonable proportion of BHT and TBHQ to give full play to the synergistic effect.

2. Adding chelating agent and synergist, the effect of the product is continuous and stable.

3. Ultra-micro crushing and unique sieving process, the finished product formula is precise and stable, and the dispersion is mixed evenly.

Packing: 20kg/bag, 25kg/bag

Storage & Shelf life: 12 months, store in a cool and dry place.

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